Grants Managment


Grant Funded Travel


ORSP will only process travel that will be expensed against external or internal grant funds. Reimbursement for travel utilizing grant funds is not limited to the $1,000 maximum currently in place for university travel. However, the amount and purpose for the travel must meet the programmatic and budgetary guidelines established within the grant/contract. In addition, travel expenditures must comply with the policies and procedures set forth in the Kean University Travel Manual.

Procedure for Grant Funded Travel Approval

Required forms:

  • Request for Travel Authorization Form
  • Ethics Form
  1. Complete both forms and get the appropriate signatures (Department Chair/Director and Dean/Supervisor).
  2. Forward the form to ORSP for Grant approval.
  3. ORSP will forward to VP Institutional Advancement Research.
  4. The forms will then go to VP Administration and Finance and the Ethics Officer
  5. The forms are then sent to Financial Services who will assign a Blanket Travel number (BT).
  6. The employee will receive a copy of the Travel Authorization form with a BT number through internal mail.
  7. A Prepayment Check Request Form may be used to receive payment in advance for hotel, airfare, registration, invoice, etc. This must be requested a minimum of TWO weeks prior to the travel date.