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Research Days 2016

Student Research Presentations Registration - deadline February 21st

Faculty Research Mentor of the Year Award -
deadline February 29th

Undergraduate Student Research Award -
deadline February 29th

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Monday, March 7th
Tuesday, March 29th

Internal Research Awards

FFRA – deadline February 28, 2016


The New Jersey Department of Education has awarded Kean University a “Building Teacher Leadership Capacity” grant designed to support beginning teachers and increase the rate of retention in the profession. Dr. Anthony Pittman is the Project Director.
The Kean College of Education, Plainfield Public Schools and Scotch-Plains Public Schools will partner and work collaboratively with novice teachers (years 1-3) to provide embedded inter-district professional development to support the social-emotional health of beginning educators.
This project is unique in its building on strengths of two districts in close proximity from different District Factor Groups (DFGs).


Current Grant Opportunities 

ORSP has implemented a new policy, approved effective October 1, 2015, that all proposal documents must be submitted a minimum of
7 days before the funder’s due date. This internal deadline allows sufficient time to review specific content and formatting requirements and to ensure the budget conforms with the funder’s requirements and with Kean University policies. Proposals that have not been submitted to ORSP by the internal deadline will not be accepted. We recognize there may be instances when this deadline cannot be followed, such as late notice from a sponsor or a collaborator, and will evaluate those proposals on a case-by-case basis. 


USDOE - National Professional Development Program - due 2/12/2016

NEH - Summer Seminars and Institutes - due 2/18/2016

NSF - Science of Learning - due 3/1/2016

NSF - STEM +Computing Partnerships - due 3/21/2016

Department of Defence - Behavioral and Social Sciences - due 5/6/2016

NSF - Economics - due 8/2016

NSF - CyberCorps: Scholarships for Service - deadlines vary

NSF - Cyberlearning and Future Learning Technologies - deadlines vary

NIH - Early Career Research Award - R21 - deadlines vary

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Sigma Theta Tau – Nursing Research Grant - deadlines vary