ORSP Developing a Proposal


Research Days 2014

Kean University annually celebrates student and faculty research and creative activities during Kean Research Days.

Research Days begins on Tuesday, April 29 at 10:00 in the STEM Lecture Hall with a keynote presentation.
Kean University faculty presentations will be scheduled on Tuesday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm in the STEM building. 
Wednesday, April 30, is student research day, located in the STEM building and other venues across campus. The events begins at 8:30 am and continue throughout the day.

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Spring Workshops 2014

Please join us for a series of workshops being offered in Spring 2014.

These workshops are primarily designed to help faculty identify funding opportunities and develop effective proposals. 

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 ORSP Newsletter, March 2014

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a grant of $621,925 to Kean University to further develop a S-STEM Scholarship program aimed at increasing the number of academically talented, financially needy students graduating with undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology.
The proposal, entitled "Project ASK: Applying Student Knowledge for Success in CS and IT," was developed and submitted by Dr. Patricia Morreale and the project is under her direction. Drs. Jack Ryder, Juan J. Li, Jing-Chiou Liou, and Miguel A. Mosteiro are co-PIs.
A total of 40 students will benefit, with each receiving a 2-year scholarship of $7,000 annually while majoring in CS or IT and selected for this program.


Current Grant Opportunities 


US Department of Justice - Research on Gangs and Gang Violence
- due 4/25/2014

US Department of Justice - Research and Evaluation on Children Exposed to Violence - due 4/25/2014

US Department of Justice - Building and Enhancing Criminal Justice Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships - due 5/28/2014

National Science Foundation - Cyber-Physical Systems - due 6/2/2014

National Institutes of Health - Alcohol Use Disorders: Treatment, Services, and Recovery Research - R03 - due 6/16/2014


Foundations, Corporations and Organizations

American Cancer Society - Institutional Research Grants - due 4/1/2014

Whitehall Foundation - Basic Biological Research Grants - due 4/15/2014

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - Grand Challenges - due 5/6/2014

American Floral Endowment - Scientific Research Grants - due 6/1/2014

Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation - Special Grant Program in the Chemical Sciences - due 6/5/14