Monitoring Expenditures

It is the responsibility of the PI to monitor account activity on a regular basis and to work with ORSP to resolve any errors or omissions.


  1. If the PI has not previously completed Colleague Financials training, he/she should register for the next training session. The OCIS website lists upcoming training sessions and PIs should register as soon as possible after receiving an award to avoid delays in grant management.
  2. On a monthly basis, at a minimum, the PI should log into Datatel to check charges against his/her grant account/s.
  3. The PI is responsible for ensuring that all expenditures are reasonable and allowable under the terms of the award and sponsor regulations. ORSP can provide assistance in determining whether a cost is allowable or unallowable.

    Examples of unallowable costs include, but are not limited to: advertising (except for help wanted), alcoholic beverages, entertainment, public relations, memberships, subscriptions, certain travel costs, and costs incurred before the start of the project or after the end date of a project.

  4. If the PI has questions about any charges appearing against the project, they should be addressed immediately to ORSP. ORSP will work with Grants Accounting to resolve any errors or omissions. The University’s Cost Transfer Policy outlines the acceptable and unacceptable reasons for cost transfers and the time frame for identifying and correcting any errors.
  5. The PI must certify time and effort expended on his/her award/s. The University’s Time and Effort Reporting Policy requires certification three times a year.
  6. The PI must follow the Grant Funded Travel procedures for all travel associated with his/her award/s.
  7. When required by the sponsor, the PI must work with ORSP to obtain prior approval for certain actions or expenditures. These may include international travel, time extensions, and certain equipment purchases. Most of these items will have been identified and reviewed during the initial budget meeting but the PI should address any questions or concerns that may arise during the course of the project to ORSP.