Searching for Funding

The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP) at Kean University assists faculty and staff in finding potential sources of funding for research, projects, programs and fellowships.  We encourage you to register your research interests with our office
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The University subscribes to SPIN, an excellent grant search engine, GENIUS, a searchable database of investigator profiles, and SMARTS, an automated email alert service that matches investigators with funding announcements based on their user profiles. To register, you must create a profile in the GENIUS module and select keywords associated with your areas of research interest.  Once the information is entered and the profile has been verified by ORSP, you will receive notification of relevant funding opportunities through SMARTS. You may set SMARTS to send emails daily or at other intervals.

Click here to create your profile and register for email alerts.

Click here to view our tutorial on how to use SPIN/GENIUS/Smarts for funding opportunity searches.

The Federal government offers a vast variety of funding opportunities.  If you want to cast a wide net or if you are not sure which agency is the best match for your topic, try using under the General Searches category.  You will also find a link to private funding under the “general searches” category.

Targeted websites listing public funding opportunities are shown below:

Humanities, Economics and Social Sciences
Nursing and Health Sciences
Science, Mathematics, Computer Science & Technology


General Searches – all categories

Funding opportunities compiled by Duke University. Allows advanced searches by a variety of criteria.

List of funding opportunities compiled by Michigan State University.  Search by Subject matter. - search for grant opportunities and/or sign up for RSS Feed:

Federal Grants Wire – search for government grants

Private Foundations - The Foundation Center


National Endowment for the Arts Grant Opportunities

NJ State Council on the Arts:


US Agency for International Development (USAID) – Education & Universities

US Department of Education – Business and International Education Program


US Department of Education Discretionary Grant Opportunities:

USDOE Institute of Education Sciences Grant Opportunities:

New Jersey Department of Education Office of Grants Management

NJ Commission on Higher Education Grants

US Agency for International Development (USAID) – Education & Universities

Education & Human Resources (NSF) Active Funding Opportunities

National Institute on Deafness & Other Communication Disorders (NIH) Funding Opportunities

Academic, Cultural and Professional Exchange and Training programs (US Department of State) Grant Opportunities

Humanities, Economics and Social Sciences

National Endowment for the Humanities Grant Opportunities:

NJ Council for the Humanities:

US Department of Health and Human Services Grants & Funding:

NJ Department of Health and Senior Services:

US Department of Justice Grants: 

Department of Defense – Social Science Research: The Minerva Initiative

Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences (NSF) Active Funding Opportunities:

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIH) Funding Opportunities

National Institute of Aging (NIH) Active Funding Opportunities:

National Institute of Mental Health (NIH) Funding Opportunities

Humanities and Social Sciences Net – Funding Announcements and Online Search

Social Psychology Network: Sources of Research Funding

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Grants Forecast

Basic Behavioral and Social Science Opportunity Network (NIH/HHS)

Nursing and Health Sciences

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NIH) Funding Opportunities

National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIH) Programs

National Institute of Nursing Research (NIH) Funding Opportunities

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIH) Funding Opportunities

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NIH) Grant Opportunities

National Institute on Deafness & Other Communication Disorders (NIH) Funding Opportunities

Department of Defense – Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program Funding Opportunities

Science, Mathematics, Computer Science and Technology

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grants and fellowships information:

NJ Department of Environmental Protection:

National Science Foundation (NSF) Search for Grant Opportunities:

NSF Active Funding Opportunities (ALL):

Biological Sciences (NSF) Active Funding Opportunities

Computer & Information Sciences & Engineering (NSF) Active Funding Opportunities

Geosciences (NSF) Active Funding Opportunities

Mathematical & Physical Sciences (NSF) Active Funding Opportunities

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Funding Opportunities and Notices:

GrantsNet - Funding Search for Research and Training in the Sciences: