External Funding Guidelines

    1. Kean University seeks external funding to support research, scholarship and creative activity that will advance knowledge in the traditional disciplines, improve skills in professional areas, and integrate research and teaching to enhance student learning. Projects are expected to support Kean’s mission of excellence, equity, and access. Projects that advance one or more of the following institutional goals are encouraged:

      • Promote faculty-student research collaborations

      • Enhance the quality of academic programs

      • Develop meaningful partnerships with successful institutions and agencies

      • Increase and maintain affordability and access

      • Lead and support community-based initiatives

    2. All letters of intent, full proposals, and contracts must be submitted by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP); faculty or staff cannot directly apply for grants or other external funding.

    3. Faculty or staff cannot partner with or enter into any agreements with external organizations, schools, or school districts without prior authorization from ORSP.

    4. No member of the University community is authorized to solicit funding from foundations, corporations, alumni or individual donors, formally or informally, or to use University stationery without the prior knowledge of and authorization from the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

    5. Part-time faculty or staff must partner with a full-time member of the University community to apply for external funding.