Research Awards 2014



Undergraduate Researcher of the Year

Luis Felipe Jimenez
Senior, Computer Science

Faculty Mentor: Patricia Morreale, PhD
User Experience Design for Accessible Systems

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Graduate Researcher of the Year

Kelly Bachovchin
BS/MS in Science and Technology, Biotechnology option, NJCSTM

Faculty Mentor: James R. Merritt, Ph.D..
Synthesis of Solid-supported Exploratory Chemistry for Preparation of a 27,000 Member Compound Collection

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Faculty Research Mentor of the Year

Dr. James Merritt

Dr. James Merritt is associate professor of organic and medicinal chemistry in the New Jersey Center for Science Technology and Mathematics (NJCSTM). He instructs students in Honors Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Research and Technology. He joined the university in 2010 after a 15 year career as a leader in medicinal chemistry research at a New Jersey-based biotechnology company. During his industrial career, Dr. Merritt was a co-inventor of numerous potential new medicines, including Navarixin, a Merck drug that entered clinical trial testing in patients for treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. (More)


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