Kean Research Days 2015

Research Awards 2015



Undergraduate Researcher of the Year

Max Friedman
Senior, Graphic Design

Faculty Mentors: Rose Gonnella and Robin Landa
Design Fundamentals textbook, website, and video publications

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Graduate Researcher of the Year

Alisha Thom

Faculty Mentors: Aaron Gubi and Adrienne Garro
Emotional Regulation Intervention for Children

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Faculty Research Mentor of the Year

Dr. Elizabeth Hyde

Dr. Elizabeth Hyde is associate professor and assistant chair of the Department of History. She has proven to be a great student research mentor in her support of student research over the past few years.  Dr. Hyde guided the research of four Kean students last year into Nancy Thompson’s World War II letters collection. Their work brought all of them to the nation’s capital to be honored by the highly selective “Posters on the Hill” program. The Council on Undergraduate Research has hosted "Posters on the Hill" each spring since 1996. The event is intended to help members of Congress understand the importance of undergraduate research by giving them the opportunity to talk directly with students. About 60 participants were selected from among the over 600 applications received. (More)

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