Kean Research Days 2015


Student Oral Presentations

Wednesday, April 29


STEM, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm




8:30 AM   STEM 306   The Effect of Legalized Marijuana for Recreational Use on the State Level
Lawrence Owens, Criminal Justice
8:50   STEM 306   How to Execute a Gallery Opening
Jennifer Lee, Art History
9:00-10:00   STEM 501   The Preservation of a Human Connection in a Time of War Through Letters
Laura Hurley, Ksenia Starlkov, David Lewis, History
9:00-11:00   STEM 318   Psy. D. Dissertation Symposium
9:30   STEM 306   Re-engineering Hoosierville
Malyka Thelemaque, English
10:00-11:00   STEM 501   The Experience of WWII New Jerseyan Soldiers
Jon Cutler, Kevin Fette, Brie Gordon, History
10:10   STEM 306   Hoosierville Gets Fit
Kevin Solorzano, Terrell Ross-Pearson, English
10:30   STEM 306   Engaged Learning: Digital Practices for Writing Instruction
Gina Jorge, English
10:50   STEM 306   Recruited or Brainwashed? How ISIS Radicalizes Young Western Women
Jeanne Donohue, Political Science
1:00 PM   STEM 306   Plague: An Ancient Illness Causing Modern Malice
Alan Pereira, Biology
1:20   STEM 306   Assembly of Cellulosome-based Enzyme Display Arrays
Vrajesh Patel, Chemistry
1:40   STEM 306   Effects of a High Wind Storm on Coastal Pollution on Little Cayman
Jonathan Davidson, Earth Science
2:00   STEM 306   Exploring the Great White Sharks of Guadalupe Island
Dennis Santos, Oceanography
2:00-3:15   STEM 501   The Newark State Teachers College World War II Letter Collection
Christina Leedy, Stephanie Valente, Joseph Galindo, Michael Collins, History
2:00-4:00   STEM 324  

RBSD Student Research Panel

The Pineal Gland and the 24 Hour Wake Sleep Cycle
Sydney Buxton

The Neurology of Music
Michael Debisco

The Enough Project: Congo Conflict Gold ‘Look Who’s Getting Engaged’ Human Rights Ad Campaign
Maria Finelli

Design Fundamentals: An Innovative Approach to Learning from Textbooks
Max Friedman

Roxanna Gayosa

3:00   STEM 306   "The Raven":  E-Lit Edition
Kristi Kulcsar, English
3:15-4:15   STEM 501   Africa: Lessons from the Aftermath of Genocide
Jaci Mayer, Tonya Hall, Ilyse Shainbrown, Holocaust & Genocide Studies
4:30 – 5:30   STEM 317   Ed.D. Student Research Panel

Best Practices for Successful Transition from High School to Adulthood for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Maria Anderson, Educational Leadership

The Relationship between Teacher Evaluation Ratings and Student Performance
Natashia Baxter, Educational Leadership

The Other Side of the Desk: The Perceived Effectiveness of a Mentoring Program for Novice Teachers
Pamela Smircich, Educational Leadership

5:00 – 7:00   STEM 6th Floor   Early Childhood & Family Studies Graduate Colloquium