Kean Assessment Institute Update


Tuesday, April 23

11:00 am - 4:00 pm, STEM 4th Floor

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Information Literacy (GE S5) in Research and Technology and the Capstone: Addressing the Gap
Craig Anderson, Librarian; Linda Cifelli, Librarian; Dawn Marie Dowd, School of General Studies; Janette González, Librarian; Melda N. Yildiz, School for Global Education and Innovation

The Use of Projects to Develop Quantitative Reasoning Skills
Leslie Dacosta, General Education

Recreation Administration Program Review Experience
Fran Stavola Daly, Physical Education, Recreation & Health

Measuring Outcomes for a Communication Speech Lab
Deborah Johnson and Christopher Lynch, Communication 

Raising the Assessment Bar through National Accreditation
Claudia Knezek, General Education; Patricia Morreale and Dennis Santamauro, Computer Science

Program Review: Lessons Learned from the Counselor Education Department
J. Barry Mascari and Blaire Cholewa, Counselor Education

SMART Objectives
Mariann Moran, Occupational Therapy; Chad K. Austein, Graduate Admissions and Student Services

Creative Thinking: Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students
Mahchid Namazi, Communication Disorders & Deafness

Assessment as Opportunity: Synchronize Program Outcomes with Student Learning Objectives with Focus on Globalization, Critical Thinking and Creativity
Julia Nevarez, Sociology

Assessments of Students' Learning Outcomes & Social Agencies: Lessons Learned
Josephine Norward and Alan Lightfoot, Social Work

Assessing Student Learning Outcomes Using Pre- and Post-tests
Rongsun Pu, Biological Sciences; Claudia Knezek, General Education; Roxie James, Biological Sciences