Research Compliance


Institutional Review Board (IRB)


Kean University’s practices and policies in support of research firmly uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity and comply with all federal regulations and guidelines. All faculty, students, and employees who conduct research involving human subjects must comply with University Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research

The IRB is a body of peer researchers and observers charged with reviewing any research involving human subjects to protect the rights and welfare of the people who participate in Kean University research. The IRB evaluates:

  1. the level of anticipated risks to the subjects that may result from participation in the project;
  2. ways to reduce or prevent these risks;
  3. adequacy of the protocols used and their relevance to required desired outcomes; and
  4. assurances that the privacy and rights of participating subjects are fully protected.

No research involving the participation of human subjects may be conducted until the IRB committee has reviewed the research protocol and (a) determined that the study is exempt from further review or (b) given approval of the research study.

All applicants must complete a web-based tutorial on the protection of human subjects offered as an educational service by the National Cancer Institute ( and obtain a Certificate of Tutorial Completion. This certificate must be submitted with the IRB application.


Introductory Video: Policies and Procedures for Kean University Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Tutorial on the Protection of Human Subjects

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