Research Compliance


Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)


Kean University takes seriously the duty of all scientists involved in animal-related research to treat animals according to the highest standards of care. The IACUC ensures that these duties are met fully and in accordance with guidelines set by relevant agencies. In accordance with Public Health Service (PHS) Policy, the committee's membership is comprised of practicing scientists experienced in research involving animals, specialists in veterinary medicine, non-scientists and lay representatives. The committee oversees Kean University’s animal research program, facilities and protocols. The IACUC is responsible for:

  1. Assuring that all animal-related research activities are carried out according to ethical and legal guidelines.
  2. Reviewing all projects involving animals. The IACUC has the authority to require modifications, to disapprove projects involving animals, and to suspend projects if it determines the conduct of the projects is not in compliance with the PHS Policy, the USDA Regulations, and IACUC Guidelines.
  3. Providing an educational training resource for the university community in all aspects of animal research and welfare.

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