Students Partnering with Faculty Summer Research Program (SpF)


Committee Members and Review Criteria


The Students Partnering with Faculty (SpF) program may cover a range of activities including research, critical analysis, and creative work. Each proposal should be considered on its own merits insofar as possible.  The goal of the SpF program is to involve students in research. All projects should result in the opportunity for student/faculty presentations, publications or performances. All projects should be student-driven but should provide for guidance and frequent collaboration with a faculty mentor. The highest-rated projects should be aimed at new discovery, new knowledge or interpretation, and original work.

1. Project Info – 5 points                    

  • Does the applicant list a project title?
  • Does the abstract succinctly describe the project and does it give you a sense or feel for what they and the students will be doing?

2. Student info – 5 points                                 

  • After reading this section, do you understand how the student will benefit from participating in this activity?  What will the student gain? Will the students benefit from what they will be doing?  Does the student effectively express an interest in the research? Is the student eligible?

3. Narrative – 50 points                     

  • Does the project relate to important issues in the discipline? Is the project aimed at new discovery, new knowledge or interpretation or original work? (10 points)
  • Does the applicant describe how the project will benefit students, Kean, and the discipline as a whole (10 points)
  • Are the goals and methods listed realistic? Can they be achieved given the context of the study? (10 points)
  • Is the timeline realistic?  Does it follow the guidelines (not all occurring over the summer) (10 points)
  • Does the dissemination plan make sense?  Does this involve students?  Is there an opportunity for the student to present, publish or perform?  (10 points) 

4. Budget Narrative – 15 points          

  • Is the budget realistic?  (5 points)
  • Is the budget necessary for the aims of the work proposed (5 points)
  • Is there enough detail present for you to understand the budget and how they will accomplish the task presented? (5 points)

5. Faculty Statement – 25 points   

  • Does the applicant make a case for how this project will be helpful for their career (5 points)
  • Is the level of interaction described in this application sufficient (10 points)
  • Is the student description described in enough detail?  (5 points)
  • Is there a list of peer-reviewed publications from the past 2 years?  (5 points)