Presidential Scholars Challenge

Program Description and Guidelines


Synopsis of Program

The Presidential Scholars Challenge funds faculty research initiatives in areas important to the strategic vision and core initiatives of the University. The grant provides bridge support to faculty researchers who then pursue external funding during the grant period to continue their research program.


  • Full-time faculty
  • Adjunct faculty may participate in cooperation with full-time faculty
  • Single-investigator or collaborative proposal
  • Faculty who had a PSC grant in the past may apply again if the new application is for a different research topic and will result in new funding proposals. Continuation funding applications are not permitted.

Grant Period

Calendar Year

Allowable Expenses

  • Up to 6 credits total released time (up to 3 per semester) not to exceed University policy on released time; no teaching overload in grant semesters.
  • Summer II salary – up to 3 credits
  • Project related travel expenses
  • Supplies and equipment required by research


  • Education research in all areas including instructional approaches and technologies, special education, improving teacher quality, improving math & science proficiency, improving methods of achieving competency in critical need foreign languages, education policy, and increasing student access, retention and achievement in postsecondary education.
  • Global Business research in all areas including technological innovations, globalization, improving international business curriculum and teaching including partnerships with trade associations and businesses.
  • Health Sciences and Health Education research in all areas including improving nursing education, practice and retention, improving care for underserved populations, and increasing the nursing workforce and diversity.
  • Humanities & Social Sciences research in all areas including human behavior, social and economic systems, law and legal processes     
  • Science & Technology research in all areas including academic liaisons with industry.
  • Sustainability research in all areas including interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches.
  • Visual and Performing Arts including interdisciplinary and collaborative projects with education and health.

Competitive Preference Priority

Additional competitive preference may be given to proposals that include:

  • Human Rights Institute
  • Liberty Hall collections
  • Interdisciplinary and collaborative projects
  • Direct student involvement in research

Grant Mechanism

Presidential Scholars Challenge grants consist of an Initial Grant and a Continuation Grant. The continuation grant is contingent on adequate progress against the plan of work outlined in the proposal; adequate progress on external funding activities; and, timely submission of all reports. Grants which become noncompliant at any time during the grant period may be withdrawn. (See reasons for noncompliance below)

Initial Grant Period: January 1 - June 30
Continuation Grant Period: July 1 – December 31

Initial Grant Review Period: June 1 – June 14
Continuation Grants announced June 15, 2012

Reporting Requirements

  • Required external funding planning meeting with ORSP within 30 days of receiving grant.
  • Monthly progress reports
  • Final report

Reasons for Noncompliance

  • Failure to comply with all reporting requirements on a timely basis.
  • Failure to submit significant proposals for external funding within the grant period.
  • Use of grant funds for any expenditure not included in final, approved budget