Foundation Faculty Research Award (FFRA)


Program Description and Guidelines


The Foundation Faculty Research Award is sponsored by the Kean University Foundation. The fundamental goal of the Foundation Faculty Research Award is to help faculty better position themselves to apply for and receive external funding for their research and scholarly activities. Full time tenured and untenured faculty can apply annually for initial awards. Renewal awards will be considered for one additional year. Recipients are expected to be actively engaged in submitting proposals to external funding agencies, both public and private. Applications are encouraged from all disciplines.

The award supports proposals from all disciplines, and provides financial support (up to $5,000 for initial applications and up to $4,000 for renewal applications) needed to engage in academic scholarship for a wide variety of purposes that include:

  • providing “seed” money to support research/creative activity that will lead to submission for external funds
  • providing equipment required to enhance the ability of faculty to conduct research/creative activity and produce scholarship
  • providing financial support in the form of student stipends in order to include undergraduate students in the research/creative activity and to provide assistance to the faculty
  • providing materials or supplies required for research/creative activity
  • providing travel required in support of research goals and for presentation of results

Ineligible expenses include:

  • Faculty salaries
  • Service contracts
  • Publication charges
  • Reprint costs
  • Faculty professional development activities
  • Teaching related expenses
  • Computing equipment

The FFRA is administered through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs on behalf of the Kean University Foundation.


Projects funded by the Foundation Faculty Research Award serve to:

  1. Advance the state of the art or knowledge in a particular field of study or professional activity.
  2. Develop a particular area of research or creative work to the point where it can be shared beyond the Kean University community.


The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs on behalf of the Kean University Foundation will announce the awards on the date established by the calendar for that year. Notice of FFRA awards will be accompanied by guidelines outlining purchasing procedures and submission of reports.