Foundation Faculty Research Award (FFRA)


Committee Members

The proposals will be reviewed by five members of the Kean University Foundation Board.

Criteria and Review Procedures

The possibility of receiving funding for continued research or creative activity as well as the positive impact on Kean University are important considerations in making the awards. Efforts will be made to make awards to a cross-section of the faculty. Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  1. Qualifications of the PI
    - Is the PI qualified to perform the work proposed?
    - Is the proposal well written in content, grammar, and style?
    - Does the PI have publications in the discipline?
    - Has the PI received previous funding for the proposed work?
  2. Originality, significance and scope of the proposed work within the discipline
    - Is the project innovative, or a redesign of a similar previously performed research activity?
    - Will the project lead to new information in the discipline?
    - Are the funding and timeline adequate for the proposed work?
  3. Intellectual merit and impact from a professional, educational, and institutional perspective.
    - Will the proposed work lead to significant advancement for the PI within their discipline?
    - Will the proposed work directly benefit students by including them in the activity?
    - Does the proposed work support the mission of Kean University?
  4. Budget justification
    - Is the budget realistic?
    - Is the budget necessary for the aims of the work proposed?
  5. Potential for external funding
    - Does the proposal have potential for submission to external funding agencies?
  6. Potential for dissemination
    - Does the proposal have potential for manuscript submission, presentation, displays, etc?

Applications that are recommended for funding will be ranked and funded until availability of funds is depleted.