Kean Online Record of Research and Scholarship (KORRS)

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Kean Online Record of Research and Scholarship (KORRS), a searchable electronic clearinghouse that archives information about publications, presentations, papers, performances, and other scholarly and creative activities of Kean University faculty. This dynamic database provides a convenient method to identify the professional expertise and activities of Kean faculty.

The “Add Record” link below allows Kean University faculty to enter new data related to publications, presentations or performances into the KORRS database. Entries are restricted to full-time faculty. You will receive a confirming email after submission.

The “Search” link below will take you to an entry screen where you may enter your search criteria including: faculty name, keywords, department/discipline, college, or year.

Some entries in KORRS are linked to the Kean University Library ContentDM repository. For these, faculty have provided either open or managed access to complete publications, books, datasets, video recordings, and other digital information. A “ContentDM” link will appear after the entry for those items and will bring the user to the Kean University Library ContentDM site, which contains detailed instructions on accessing the linked information.