Undergraduate Research


Research, Publication, and Presentation Opportunities

Use the links below to search for research programs. After you have verified your eligibility through a careful reading of the program guidelines, contact faculty who know you best to request recommendation letters (most programs require two and some require three).  Students may contact Lindy Foreman lforeman@kean.edu in the ORSP for review of draft applications. All of these programs are very competitive so students are encouraged to start the application process early. Deadlines are typically in February or March for summer programs.

Use the links below to search for journals that publish undergraduate research or undergraduate writing. The last link, from the Council on Undergraduate Research site, lists opportunities for undergraduate research presentations.

Current Publication Opportunities

Discussions, The Undergraduate Research Journal of Case Western Reserve University is now accepting submissions for their Spring 2014 issue. The submission deadline is January 17, 2014.

Information about Discussions can be found at: http://www.case.edu/provost/source/discussions