Budget Revisions

Budget revisions should be infrequent but may be necessary during the course of a grant. The PI must request a budget transfer through ORSP. ORSP will review the request to determine whether the University has the authority to re-budget the funds and, if not, will request approval from the sponsor for a budget revision.


  1. PI submits written request to ORSP for a budget revision. The request must include the amount, the line item categories (from / to) and a justification for the transfer including why it is necessary for the project and why there are excess funds in one line item category and insufficient funds in another category.
  2. If ORSP approves re-budgeting, ORSP will notify Grants Accounting to make the transfer and will notify the PI when the transfer has been made. Expenses should not be charged until the re-budgeting has been completed.
  3. If ORSP determines the that the sponsor must approve the requested budget revision, ORSP will work with the PI to prepare the necessary request based on the particular sponsor’s requirements. All requested changes in the budget or the scope of project must be reviewed and approved by ORSP before being submitted to the funding agency.