Untenured Faculty Research Initiative

Committee Membership and Review Procedure



The university-wide Untenured Faculty Research Initiative Committee is chaired by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee. The Director of Research & Sponsored Programs has traditionally served as the designee and is a non-voting member of the committee. The committee members are elected members of the faculty (the faculty of each college elects two members for a term of two years), a librarian, and an observer from the KFT. The faculty members and librarian serve on the panel for two-year staggered terms to assure continuity in the committee activities. The KFT observer is a non-voting member.

Review Procedure

Departmental* Research Committees review department applications and provide comments and recommendations to the university-wide committee. University-wide committee members read all applications and, if additional expertise proves necessary, may obtain written evaluations from other (nonvoting) faculty members or librarians. In all such cases, a majority of the voting members of the committee must agree on the need to call for the special evaluation and must agree on the specific evaluator. *where a department structure does not exist, the program coordinator will be asked to form a committee to review applications submitted by faculty in that program.

The university-wide committee meets as a group under the non-voting chair of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee (traditionally the Director of Research & Sponsored Programs) to discuss each application, including any written evaluations, and vote on each application using a scale of 1 (highest score) to 5 (lowest score). Discussion is open but all voting is anonymous. The combined scoring of the committee members results in a ranked order for the applications. The rulings of the committee include the approval or modification of requested project budgets. In no case, however, will the committee approve a budget request more than the allowable $400 limit.

The completed rank-ordered list is submitted to the President for final approval. The President releases award announcements according to the calendar.