Students Partnering with Faculty Summer Research Program (SpF)


Post Award Information

I. Faculty Stipends

Your stipend will be provided in the form of a contract generated by your college dean, and will be paid over a six week period, effective June of the award year.

II. Student Stipends

Students must fill out the Acceptance Agreement Form, have it signed by their research mentor and return it to the ORSP. Please make a copy for filing with the department secretary. The secretary will prepare a payment requisition for the student(s) as a "research contractor” instead of a student worker. The payments can be made in different installments as requested by the research mentor. However, the students should receive the distribution of payments by the end of the summer.

III. Supplies

The research mentor will fill out the Post Award Form for supplies needed, including vendor, address, items, price, and other details. The department secretary will generate a purchase requisition to place your order directly with the vendor. You must send a copy of the Post Award Form and the purchase order requisition to the ORSP office for us to approve the order.
All award funds must be used by the award end date of April 30 of the year following the summer research. No carry over funds will be allowed.

IV. Reports

A progress report, using the online Research Activity Report Form, must be submitted to the ORSP by August 31st of the award year. A final report must be submitted to the ORSP within one month of the award end date.