Students Partnering with Faculty Summer Research Program (SpF)


Sample Successful SpF Application Narratives


The links below will take you to the project narrative and selected portions of successfully funded SpF projects. These samples are not intended to be used as templates. Every project, and so every application, is different. Applicants should prepare a proposal that reflects their unique project, the goals of that project, and the expected outcomes for the students. These examples are intended to provide a sense of how a successful application is constructed. Note that the examples are not complete applications.

Project Title:                Making Current Spaces of Liberty Hall Museum Accessible through Augmented Reality
Department:                Robert Busch School of Design
Project Director:          Prof. Edward Johnston

Project Title:                Notification Service Attach Detection and Shielding (NSADS)
Department:                Computer Science
Project Director:          Dr. Juan Jenny Li

Project Title:                Life Cycle Assessment of Bottled Water from Green2O
Department:                School of Environmental and Sustainability Sciences
Project Director:          Dr. Dongyan Mu