Proposal Submission Guidelines

For proposals responding to an announcement or request for proposal from an external funding agency

The prospective Principal Investigator (PI) should contact ORSP to schedule a planning meeting (see contact information below). This should be done as early as possible to allow time for registering new PIs, developing budgets, obtaining letters of support, etc. As soon as possible after a decision to apply for funding, ORSP will meet with faculty/staff to review the proposal guidelines, plan the proposal submission process, review the required supporting documents, and discuss the development of budgets and budget narratives that fit funding agency guidelines and University policies. Interested faculty/staff members have the primary responsibility for writing the proposal narrative. ORSP will aid faculty/staff in the preparation and writing of the proposal. ORSP will prepare all necessary forms for the proposal. ORSP will facilitate and complete all submissions.

For proposals to programs with limited submissions

Programs that limit the number of proposals that can be submitted from one institution are common. ORSP will indicate this is a limited submission program when sending funding announcements to faculty and will indicate the deadline to indicate interest to submit. ORSP has the responsibility for convening meetings of the Limited Submissions Committee, appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The goal of the committee is to choose the most competitive proposal/s to represent Kean University. The process for determining which proposal/s may be submitted follows. (Information related to Faculty Research Fellowships can be found here.)

  1. Email notification of program by ORSP with deadlines noted.
  2. Email indication of interest by faculty to ORSP.
  3. If interest exceeds the allowed number of submissions, ORSP will provide interested faculty with an electronic template for use in preparing a pre-proposal containing information related to the specific call for proposals and will convene the Limited Submissions Committee to review the pre-proposals. ORSP will specify the submission date pre-proposals.
  4. Review of pre-proposals by Limited Submissions Committee. Appropriate Deans may be asked to provide a ranking of the pre-proposals submitted from their college.
  5. The Limited Submissions Committee provides recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs who makes the final decision.
  6. Notification of decision to the interested faculty.
  7. Completed proposal/s submitted to funding agency.

For investigator-initiated proposals:

The prospective Principal Investigator (PI) should discuss their idea with his/her department chair and dean.

  • The PI must complete the Grant Concept Review Form, obtain the signature of his/her dean, and submit the form to the ORSP.
  • ORSP will contact the prospective PI for an appointment to discuss the proposal.
  • If a funding source was not identified by the PI, ORSP will complete a search for potential funders.
  • ORSP will submit the proposal on behalf of the PI.

ORSP Contact Information for Prospective PIs: Lindy Foreman -; 73468