Recently Funded


"Plainfield Schools to Partner with Kean University on Common Core Grant"

NJ Department of Education (NJDOE)

Pittman, Anthony - College of Education

10/1/14 - 8/31/15

Award: $218,000

Kean University has received a grant from the NJ Department of Education to work with teachers and principals from 4 Plainfield schools on a year-long Professional Development initiative designed to improve student achievement in English Language Arts.
The program, known as C-CAP (Common Core Academy Plainfield), will involve up to 25 Plainfield teachers in a monthly series of full-day seminars on implementing key provisions of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in English Language Arts. C-CAP teachers will also receive a computer, classroom coaching, and participate in an online and in-person Professional Learning Community to be led by some of their colleagues.
Teachers from Plainfield High School and Hubbard and Maxon Middle Schools will be eligible to join C-CAP, as well as those from Barack Obama Green Charter High School. The project will also include special activities for the principals of these schools.



US Department of Education (USDOE)

Teasdale, Brian - Associate Dean, CNAHS

10/1/14 - 9/30/18

Award: $245,290 (Year 1)

The U.S. Department of Education has awarded Kean University and Union County College a new, five-year Title V, Strengthening Hispanic Institutions, grant. The grant funds the “STEMpact” project, a cooperative arrangement by Union and Kean, to promote the success of Hispanic and low-income students in completing post-secondary degrees and to address the need for a diverse 21st century STEM trained workforce. STEMpact is a reference to the impact on STEM students the project will have as well as the pact between UCC and Kean that a new Joint Admissions/Transfer agreement will support. Dr. Brian Teasdale, Associate Dean of the College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences, is Kean University’s Executive Director for the grant.
The primary goals of the agreement are to increase the retention among first-time, full-time degree seeking Hispanic and low-income undergraduate students and to increase the 3-year Union and 6-year Kean graduation in STEM and teacher education programs.


"New Jersey DECA"

New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE)

Rhee, Shanggeun- College of Business and Public Management

9/1/14 - 8/31/15

Award: $146,500

New Jersey DECA is a statewide career and technical student organization dedicated to helping students excel in the study of marketing. With this grant, Kean University is bringing the management of NJ DECA to its campus. Kean’s plan for NJ DECA is not only to continue to grow the organization but also to transform it into a year-round, thriving, co-curricular activity where students immerse themselves in real world activities that connect to their academic and career and technical education studies. Under the leadership of Dr. Shanggeun Rhee, the NJ DECA team will develop Collegiate DECA and Kean will establish its own Collegiate DECA chapter to use as a test bed to launch Collegiate DECA in colleges across New Jersey. By combining the co-curricular, hands-on experience that DECA provides with Kean’s expertise in helping students bridge the gap from school to college to the workforce, the members of NJ DECA will develop competencies that will give them an advantage in the workforce.

"IDEA Supplement Award"

New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE)

Towler, Sharon - College of Education

9/1/14 - 8/31/15

Award: $29,740

The IDEA award will supplement Kean University’s existing 21st Century Community Learning Center program at the William O. Krumbiegel Middle School in Hillside. The program, called “Kean University’s Learning Adventures” or KULA, operates on-site at the school during the year and in the summer. Over 150 students in grades 6 through 8 participate. The IDEA supplement award will fund two Lead Teachers for individualized instruction and parent consultation for students with disabilities. The Lead Teachers will also provide professional development to other instructional staff in meeting the needs of students with disabilities.

"Research Fellowship in Educator Preparation "

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE)

Polirstok, Susan - Dean, College of Education

9/1/14 - 8/31/15

Award: $30,000

Using a triangulated, mixed-methods design and data from INTASC-aligned instruments, teacher work samples, focus groups and interviews, researchers will explore how and why varied pathways to teaching contribute to teachers’ retention in urban school districts through at least their fourth year on the job. Teacher attrition in these settings is a common problem that deprives students of the benefits of having experienced teachers and a stable learning environment. The pathways to be studied include traditional, year-long residency and alternative-route programs for initial certification offered across the three institutions, developed with support over the past 15 years from such high-profile programs as the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship and the federal Teacher Quality Enhancement, Teacher Quality Partnership and Transition to Teaching programs. Developing ways to compare these diverse programs’ impact and sharing the findings with those who oversee the programs are among the study’s promising objectives.

"Nurse Faculty Loan Program"


Fitzsimmons, Virginia - School of Nursing, CNAHS

7/1/14 - 6/30/15

Award: $309,183

The Nurse Faculty Loan Program was created by Congress to increase the number of qualified nursing faculty by providing financial support for students enrolled in advanced nursing education programs. In 2010, the Affordable Care Act granted funding priority to schools of nursing that support doctoral nursing students. Eligible students may request loan support to cover the full or partial tuition and fees for the academic year, not to exceed $35,500 during fiscal year 2014-15. NFLP loan support includes the cost of tuition, fees, books, laboratory expenses and other reasonable education expenses. Under the program, loan recipients who continue working as nurse faculty over a consecutive four-year period may earn a loan cancellation of up to 80 percent.

"Project ASK: Applying Student Knowledge for Succes in CS and IT"

National Science Foundation

Morreale, Patricia - Computer Science, CNAHS

3/15/14 - 2/28/15

Award: $621,925

Project ASK will provide a recruiting and retention model in CS and IT, particularly for underrepresented minorities, including women. The academic environment in CS and IT will be enhanced and student-faculty advising, professional experiences and undergraduate research activities will become even more central to the mission of the department. The use of teamwork, small class sizes, collaboration and student-motivated question and answer sessions will positively support recent research in the field of computer science regarding educational impact and retention, particularly for minorities, female, and first-generation students. The effects will be professionally evaluated and disseminated to the public through academic venues. Additionally, ASK Scholars will be prepared to enter the scientific workforce or graduate school as competent, highly trained individuals with a background in teamwork and research, contributing to increased professional diversity in the fields of CS and IT, and serve as role models to members of their communities.


"The Kean University REU Experience - Costa Rica and New Jersey"

National Science Foundation

Shebitz, Daniela - Environmental & Life Sciences, CNAHS

5/1/14 - 4/30/15

Award: $98,275

The Research Experiences For Undergraduates (REU) program at Kean University provides international experience and training for 8 students per year for 10 weeks (6 weeks in Costa Rica and 4 weeks in New Jersey) during the summer of 2014-2015. This REU project will have students conduct research as part of an international team of scientists from Kean University, the Centro Cientifico Tropical and Instituto Biologica Nacional to study the undamaged, damaged, or at-risk habitats in Maquenque National Wildlife Refuge (MNWLR), a new conservation area, in the Northern Zone of Costa Rica.